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Test Room Regulations Applicable to Paper-Based Test Examinations administered by IIG Vietnam

Thứ năm, 20/08/2015
    Be present at the test site on time. If you have a cough that may affect other test takers during the test, you are not allowed to enter the test room and requested to notify IIG Vietnam to change the test date in advance. Dress conservatively. Do not wear shorts or sleeveless shirts to the ...

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Vietnam was chosen to host the “Propell Workshop for TOEIC Instructors” In South East Asia

Thứ hai, 14/07/2014
With remarkable contributions to the development of the TOEIC test worldwide, IIG Vietnam, ETS’ officially authorized country representative in Vietnam, was chosen as the host of the “Propell Workshop for TOEIC Instructors” in South East Asia. This is an important event for English teachers in the region, when 20 top ...

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Thang Long University: Students attending “English & IT skills in the eye of recruiters” seminar

Thứ ba, 15/04/2014
Hanoi, April 12th 2014. To be well-prepared for future careers, students of Thang Long University attended the Seminar: “English & IT skills in the eye of Recruiters”. This Seminar was a practical activity to equip students with necessary skills for future job application. Together with the ...

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HUFLIT Students Getting Ready for Job Applications with TOEIC

Thứ năm, 10/04/2014
With its roadmap to use the TOEIC test as a standard assessment to classify the freshman and graduation requirements for the graduate since the 2013-2014 Academic Year Intake, Ho Chi Minh University of Foreign Language and Information Technology (HUFLIT) has collaborated with IIG Vietnam – an exclusive authorized representative of the ...

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Valuable TOEIC Conference at Thai Nguyen University Of Information And Communication Technology

Thứ sáu, 28/03/2014
On March 21st 2014, students and the teachers from Thai Nguyen University of Information and Communication Technology (ICTU) have had opportunity to attend an exciting, informative and valuable conference with specialists from IIG Vietnam on TOEIC assessment standards as well as the all the tools needed for the ...

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